Getting ready for CMR2018

boothCMR2018-design logoCMR2018

In a couple of weeks CMR2018 will start in Barcelona. Please come and visit our booth #C6 which we join with Imricor. We will be showcasing our renewed guidewires that have recently obtained CE and accelerated FDA510 K approval. We will have special offers and special plans for 2018. If you were thinking of stepping into interventional CMR this is the moment: on February 1st there is an interventional course, which is followed by case presentations and a complete session on ICMR, with some of our first users on stage. Daniel Knight (RFH London) will present his first findings on adult cases in CMR, and Peter Ewert (DHZM, Munich) will share his practical experience with interventional MRI tools such as guidewires and catheters.

NB: The image on top shows the design of our joint booth and we look forward to see the real-life object. See you in Barcelona

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Nano4Imaging pitched at BVF Maastricht

It was a fascinating event this week.  The Techtour landing in the Brightlands area with the Benelux Venture Forum and having meetings all over its different locations in Maastricht, Heerlen and Geleen. It gave Nano4Imaging the opportunity to pitch in the Life Sciences session for a group of investors. Pitching on a boat lying on the Meuse river in Maastricht and having great networking opportunities with local and international networks. Our message : strategic partner sought for introduction of our products in the USA.

TechTourBVF IMG_2857

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FDA special 510K achieved

With a new energy boost we are now starting to prepare our participation at CMR in Barcelona (Jan 2018). FDA has approved the special 510K for our second generation MR compatible guide wire, and we are awaiting CE approval also soon.  Next year you will see us at Barcelona CMR 2018, the world symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension (Nice) and AEPC 2018 in Athens. Let’s roll.

CMR 2018

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Clear message from Siemens at Magdeburg IGI conference

During the 3rd Image-guided interventions conference (IGIC) in Magdeburg (November 2017), the message from Siemens was clear.  Dr Heinrich Kolem, President of Advances Therapies announced that Siemens wants to contribute to the rebirth of MRI guided interventional therapies. Four clinical fields were mentioned by dr Kolem to benefit from multimodal interventions using MRI: Interventional Oncology, Stroke, Arrythmia’s and Image guided surgery. For this purpose Siemens is developing a integrated MRI-Angio platform designed as an interventional platform. This may indeed be an important step to seduce the cathlab user to perform some procedures in the MRI, and always have the fallback of Angio present on the table. First system release is planned by the end of 2019.

Magdeburg(2) Magdeburg(1)

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MedFit meeting Grenoble: eye-opener for the future

On June 28th and 29th 2017, Nano4Imaging participated in the first edition of the MedFit meeting in Grenoble’s (France) Alpexpo.  The set-up was unique in a mix of very lively panel discussions on different angles of medical device development (regulation, collaboration, investment and innovation) and was an inspiring environment and scale to meet with leading experts from corporates, VCs, serial entrepreneurs and start-ups. An inspiring mix of people and topics that deserves further extension on European level, where revitalisation of the classical MedTech meetings is welcome..


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EuroCMR 2017 in Prague was attended by 1022 participants, which was another 35 % rise  over Florence last year.The meeting was between 25- 27th of May and hosted by the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague (CZ). Topics included Big data and CMR ( S Petersen) and impressive contributions on the Improving of heath care through Imaging (Joerg Schwitter) as well as Imaging Biomarkers controversies (G. Cole). A good opportunity for Nano4Imaging to meet its clinical relations and plan further clinical work.

Dr Pushparajah (KCL) showed an excellent overview of the MRI guided catheter procedures including data of our recent PMCF in Munich.

Dr Vivek Muthurangu, as always made his take home message on MRI in Pulmonary hypertension simple: go out and do it!!

MR in PH-Muthurangu-EuroCMR2017

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Ralf Raue Innovation award at Biomedica Eindhoven

Nano4Imaging is the proud winner of the first Ralf Raue Innovation award, as a reward for its continuous and extensive cross-border cooperation between Germany and Netherlands. On May 10th our CSO Paul Borm proudly accepted the price handed by Ria Hein (Brabant Investment) in the Auditorium at Technical University Eindhoven. The motivation of the jury reads” there are no borders for Nano4Imaging since it just uses the expertise wherever it is in Europe“. It further states that N4I has very strong links with clinical centers in the Netherlands (Maastricht, Utrecht, Nijmegen) and joint development projects with these clinical centers.


Biomedica_2017_IHK_Ralf-Raue-Award_Nano4Imaging_Borm (1)

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Cardiac real-time MRI again showcase: now at ISMRM

After the live case in Washington at SCMR2017, now also ISMRM which gathers more then 5000 specialists in MRI, had a live broadcast of real time cardiac MRI in a plenary session on April 25th. Among several speakers it was prof. Razavi who explained the value of interventional MRI in cardiac diagnostics and interventions. His research group at King’s College London has been the first to apply real-time MRI to congenital heart disease more than 15 years ago.


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TED talk with Nano4Imaging technology explained

On February 13th 2017, Paul Borm (Founder and CSO of Nano4Imaging) gave a TED talk in which he talks about innovation as results of energy explosions. During his talk he brings nanotechnology forward as a discipline that needs cross-border collaboration to understand the use and applications of new (nano)materials. To explain this he shows a movie a MRI guided stenting in a pig renal artery during his talk. He also stresses the importance of open innovation.


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Landmark live case at SCMR 2017

Today (February 3rd 2017) at SCMR in Washington DC, a live case of MRI guided intervention was shown for a full audience of MRI experts, for the first time watching such an event in an MRI meeting. While being quite common in cardiology, the session is a landmark for MRI guided cardiology procedures and an event to remember. Thanks to Robert Lederman (NIH) for organizing and moderating this event. Later on the same day Christian Meierhofer (DHZ Munich) presented data on the 25 patients done in Munich in out PMCF.


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