N4I and PFM in Sevilla

This year symposium of pediatric cardiology is taking place in Sevilla (Spain) the capital of Flamengo and pediatric CMR (at least this year). At AEPC 2018 we met with pfm medical in Athens, and now we are proud to announce that pfm has become our exclusive distributor of the EmeryGlide in Europe and Middle-East. Nano4Imaging and pfm are now co-organizing a lunch symposium entitled “Expert guidance for MRI procedures in pediatric cardiology. The symposium will enable new users to get guidance from experts in starting up MRI guidance and we hope to build bridges between existing and new clinical users. In this respect we are proud that the team from Dallas Children’s is coming over to the workshop to present a brief history and perspective of MRI guidance (Gerhard Greil), show the most recent advances in single ventricle patients (Suren Reddy) and share some taped cases from the last couple of months. Finally we will have a Q & A session for new users and we will present data of a  world-wide survey on interventional MRI that was completed by 182 labs all over the world. Hope to see you all at FIBES- Palacia de Congresos, Room Praga: 12:30-14:00 hrs, May 17th.

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SCMR Seattle: showcase for MRI guidance

Last February 7th to 9th, SCMR took place in snowy Seattle-Bellevue. Over 1000 CMR specialists gathered to discuss the newest insights into cardiac MRI. Nano4Imaging’s clinical director Paul Borm was present to co-brand our MRWire as EmeryGlide for the US market with our  partner BBraun Interventional.  During the interventional CMR session (Feb 7th) Nano4Imaging had a joint table with its new distributors to co-brand the  EmeryGlide. During the various workshops several clients showed the enormous progress that MRI guided procedures have made, also by using our EmeryGlide guidewire.

MRI guidance takes off.

Drs Hussain, Arar and Reddy (Dallas Children’s/UT Southwestern) showed the results of over 30 pediatric cases revealing new procedures such as test occlusions in  Fontan fenestration, and diagnostic procedures in single-ventricle patients. Dr Knight (RFH London) explained in detail how his hospital has meanwhile done 50 MRI guided pressure measurements in the pulmonary artery for diagnosis of PH in adult patients. The subsequent days, several taped cases were shown by the Dallas team to show the exact procedure that was used to cross the fenestration using the EmeryGlide and slide a balloon over it.  MRI guidance has clearly taken off to the next level!

More exciting insights

Apart from the interventional take-off other topics such as artificial intelligence (deep learning) are really taking off in both diagnostics as well as in rapid calculation of results. In addition, 3D printing of hearts seems to become a reality in most centres of congenital heart disease. In some technical centers (Georgia Tech and Atlanta Emory Hospital) the 3D models are being used for further modelling studies such as 4D-flow. Interesting is also to note that the USA core facility on MRI guidance at NIH (dr Campbell, dr Lederman) is now exploring to use low-field MRI (0.5 T) and conventional medical devices to perform interventional pre-clinical work. At this low field magnetic field apparently also oxygen can be used as a contrast agent that allows blood mapping.

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SCMR in Seattle

Nano4Imaging will actively participate in the iCMR meeting during SCMR in Seattle. During this symposium several of our clinical users, such as drs Reddy and Arar- (Dallas Children’s/UT) and dr Knight (RFH- London) will share their expertise and experience with our MRWire in pediatric and adult interventions. Come and see us in February 2019 in Seattle.

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Back to Vegas

After our successful participation at PICS in september, Nano4Imaging’s clinical director Paul Borm will be present at the SCAI’s fellow’s program in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan hotel between december 9 and 11th. The fellows program contains courses dedicated to Congenital Heart Disease Interventional Cardiology as well as Advanced Structural Heart Disease Interventional Cardiology. Paul Borm will be present on a booth shared with BBraun Interventional and PFM Medical to explain to fellows how they do future procedures in the MRI for these clinical indications. The scientific program can be downloaded here.

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Las Vegas PICS great success

Last week (september 5-8th 2018) Nano4Imaging had it’s first big appearance on the US market via participation during PICS, the annual meeting of the pediatric interventional cardiological society.

La Vegas PICS proved to be a breakthrough and gave us the opportunity to welcome a large number of new interested cardiologists and discuss with them the options to do a catheterization procedure in the MRI. In a round table discussion on september 6th a number of clinical opinion leaders and Industrial partners discussed the way forward to get MRI guided diagnostics and interventions going in clinical practice. Prof Ewert (German Heart Centre-Munich) told interventionalist to get out of their “bubble” and talk to the MRI people, while dr Reddy (Dallas Children’s) showed a number of congenital clinical cases done in Dallas under MRI provoking further imagination towards real interventions.


 Finally prof Halperin (Johns Hopkins) showed the participants what is already available and possible in other fields such as electrophysiology. On                           site a task-force was defined that will investigate further clinical needs to enable MRI guidance in (pediatric) cardiology. We will return to Vegas in                               december this year for the SCAI fellows program on pediatric cardiology sharing

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OPENMIND-Final workshop- August29th

Our first Horizon2020 project is coming to an end. Openmind enabled a 4 year cooperation between 9 partners from 6 countries to deliver on demand medical devices. Do you want to participate in the final workshop of the consortium, please send us a mail. The workshop starts at 09:30 and is held at the Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen. The workshop will be very interesting for those 1) interested in the new medical device regulatiom, 2) meeting new SME partners active in the medical device manufacturing, and 3) seeing first prototype manufacturing system for on demand production.


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PICS: first steps into US pediatric cardiology

PICS will be focusing on the latest interventional catheter strategies for congenital and structural heart disease in children and adults. Therefore we are eager to exhibit for first time at this annual meeting in September 2018, and look forward to share our product and process know-how on moving your cathlab procedures to the MRI. .

Step by our Booth 124 to meet the team and learn more about our products!

See you in Vegas!!

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Bronze sponsor of AEPC 2018

AEPC 2018 is taking place between May 9th and 11th in Athens. We are proud to be a bronze sponsor of this meeting and are happy to welcome you during our lunch workshop on May 10 th (13:30, Kokkali Hall) on management of hemodynamics in congenital heart diseases using MRI guidance. Speakers will be dr Tzifa (MITERA, Athens), dr Tanase (DHZ Munich) and dr Muturangu (GOSH, London). All speakers have long -standing experience with cathlab procedures in this group, as well as with MRI guided caths, including our new EmeryGlide guidewire. There will also be opportunity to use our products in a real-scale phantom to get a grip on this matter. Apart from this our experts can share with you individual experience about making the transition from Cathlab to MRI for these procedures.

See you in Athens!


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CMR2018- interventional MRI is taking off

CMR 2018 was again a major step forward for interventional MRI. CMR 2018 focused on the theme of “Improving Clinical Value by Technical Advances,” emphasizing the goal of both Societies to improve clinical outcomes in cardiovascular disease through innovation. This paved the way for a complete afternoon session with a line-up of speakers showing recent advances in their centers (e.g Dallas Childrens, RFH London, Helios Leipzig) and others (e.g. San Diego, NIH, Munich) pointing at the next indications to do in MRI. After SCMR 2017 in Washington also a live case of interventional MRI was broadcasted into the plenary meeting, this time from Kings College, London by Reza Rezavi.  Notably, many American clinicians were happy that an FDA registered product is now available via Nano4Imaging. It was also clear from the meeting that a lot of our customers have to go through the same cumbersome pathway with hospital authorities, platform suppliers and many others. Nano4Imaging will launch a platform soon to share best practices and connect customers.

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