Cardiac real-time MRI again showcase: now at ISMRM

After the live case in Washington at SCMR2017, now also ISMRM which gathers more then 5000 specialists in MRI, had a live broadcast of real time cardiac MRI in a plenary session on April 25th. Among several speakers it was prof. Razavi who explained the value of interventional MRI in cardiac diagnostics and interventions. His research group at King’s College London has been the first to apply real-time MRI to congenital heart disease more than 15 years ago.


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TED talk with Nano4Imaging technology explained

On February 13th 2017, Paul Borm (Founder and CSO of Nano4Imaging) gave a TED talk in which he talks about innovation as results of energy explosions. During his talk he brings nanotechnology forward as a discipline that needs cross-border collaboration to understand the use and applications of new (nano)materials. To explain this he shows a movie a MRI guided stenting in a pig renal artery during his talk. He also stresses the importance of open innovation.


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Landmark live case at SCMR 2017

Today (February 3rd 2017) at SCMR in Washington DC, a live case of MRI guided intervention was shown for a full audience of MRI experts, for the first time watching such an event in an MRI meeting. While being quite common in cardiology, the session is a landmark for MRI guided cardiology procedures and an event to remember. Thanks to Robert Lederman (NIH) for organizing and moderating this event. Later on the same day Christian Meierhofer (DHZ Munich) presented data on the 25 patients done in Munich in out PMCF.


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Stem cell application project meeting

On december 2nd 2016, the participants in MIGRATE met at the famous Ajax ARENA stadium to discuss its progress on MRI guided application of stem cell containing gels into the heart. The picture shows the  players from Utrecht Medical Centre (coordinator), Philips Healthcare, Imricore, Eindhoven TUE, PS Tech and Car Tech BV. MIGRATE_ARENA_-02122016

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Workshop on contrast agents- great learning!

On October 27-28th 2016, Nano4Imaging organized a two- day Workshop  on Contrast agents for PhD students in projects ITERM and NanoMILE. The workshop was attended by participants from 10 different EU countries, and focussed on the clinical importance of contrast agents, as well as the current toxicological problems with many of these agents.  Speakers included Prof. Jelle Barentsz (Nijmegen), Prof. Fabian Kiessling (Aachen),Michiel Warle (Nijmegen), Marco Das (Maastricht), Roel Schins (Dusseldorf-IUF), and Emily Guggenheim (Birmingham). A special talk on Radiomics was given by Ralph Luijenaar from OncoRadiomics.


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Pulmonary Hypertension- adult application

In 2018 several of our clinical users have initiated screening and diagnostic programs usinfg right heart cath to evaluate pulmonary artery pressure in CMR instead of using the cathlab. Royal Free Hospital (RF) in London is the center that want to move this into routine in 2019, based on their successful application in 50 patients in 2018. During this time period they have also helped other teams in setting up for iCMR procedures. At SCMR 2019 in Seattle dr Knight will present the outcome of the first year clinical application. We are anxious to see whether department time and catheter time have further decreased.


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CMR and AEPC meetings in Florence and Rome


Both at EuroCMR in Florence (May 13th) and on June 2nd in Rome (Italy) at the European pediatric cardiology society (AEPC) there were memorial symposia to remember the efforts and inspiration of dr Sohrab Fratz in the field of congenital heart diseases. Dr Fratz shared and co-developed Nano4Imaging’s vision that cathlab procedures can be transferred to the MRI suite, in an effort to improve quality of the procedure at the same reducing radiation for both patient and doctor. The first data on measuring invasive blood pressure using of the MRWire in patients were presented at the  AEPC symposium by Kristina Belker from the German Heart Institute Munich.

At the same symposium dr Aphrodite Tzifa (First in man congenital heart disease MRI guided intervention, Circulation, 2010) praised the efforts of Nano4Imaging to bring a guidewire to the market.

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N4I at MRI Garmisch and SCMR in Nice 2015

nano4imaging - MRI MR Wire

Betwee january 29 and 31st Nano4Imaging was present in skitown Garmisch at MR2015 together with MRComp .From the snow to Mediterranean Nice  . Nano4Imaging is present at the joint meeting of The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) and European Association for Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI)  being held February 4-7, 2015 at the Acropolis Convention Centre in Nice (France).Please visit the conference website for more information on presentations, venue and exhibitions. Come and visit us at Booth # 11.

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