Clinical applications increasing

Beyond PMCF

The PMCF was intended to demonstrate that by using our  MRWire guide wire it is possible to perform both pressure and flow measurements using CMR. This avoids the need for multiple fluoroscopy studies and radiation exposure. Twenty-five patients were included in the German heart centre in Munich (DHZM). The study protocol can be downloaded here. Final results were presented on February 3rd at the SCMR 2017 . A mix of pressure measurements was done such as pulmonary artery, right ventricle, right atrium and aortic gradient in patients routinely monitored for the status of their congenital heart disease.

Meanwhile clinical users in both the USA and Europe have extended the applications to cross valves, and test-occlude 3 mm fenestrations in pediatric, congenital patients. Please check our literature page for most recent paper and abstracts. The newest applications work will be presented in February at SCMR 2019 in Seattle.

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