About Nano4Imaging

  • MedTech-specialist for diagnostics and interventions in MRI
  • 2011 founded in Aachen (Germany)
  • Sales, marketing and administration in Düsseldorf. Aachen RWTH liaison for R&D .
  • Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse in Dresden (Heraeus-CMI)
  • All products ‘Made in Germany’


  • Rudolf Schulze Vohren (CEO/CFO)
  • Prof. Dr. Paul JA Borm (Clinical Affairs, CTO)
  • Dr. Sjef Cremers (Senior scientist)
  • Christoph R Manegold (Regulatory and Manufacturing)
  • Michael Barilla (Manager USA Office in Columbus, Ohio)
  • Lucien de Mos (Clinical Application Manager)
  • Dr. Kak Khee Yeung- (chair medical advisory board)


Our partners are Heraeus Medical Industries in Dresden (CMI) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT). Together we maintain our production qualifications, and continuously develop new products with the Nano4Imaging signature.


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