Research projects

SPECTRE (Eurostars)- Towards Angioplasty in MRI

SPECTRE is a project within the Eurostars program and is a collaboration between Fraunhofer Mevis (Bremen, DE), Radboud University Medical Centre (Nijmegen, NL) and Soteria Medical BV (Arnhem, NL) . The project enables Nano4Imaging to construct and test robot-controlled catheters for use in angioplasty in MRI procedures. The project started Jan 1st 2018. First output and presentations at CIRSE and ISMRM 2020. Currently, intravascular tracking of our passive markers is possible with MEVIS developed algorithms which has been applied to MRI interventions in pigs in various vascular targets. Most recently the work was selected for  as lighting talk at the ESMRMB (october 2020).

IMAGINE (BMBF)- Markers and instruments for MPI/MRI

IMAGINE is the project Acronym for a project within the German-Turkish collaboration between BMBF and TUBITAK (2+ 2 project).  IMAGINE will allow Nano4Imaging to extend its MagnaFy technology to Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI). The project is a collaboration with German partner UKSH (University Hospital in Lubeck) and two Turkish Partners, Aselsan and Bilkent University. The project has officially started on October 1st 2017


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