Research projects

MARVY – Development of MRI based endovascular procedures for vascular surgery

MARVY is a project  started in August 2021 with Amsterdam AMC (Applied Physics, prof. Aart Nederveen), VUMC (endovascular surgery, dr Kak Khee Young) and Brightfish BV. Funded by the Dutch TKI Grant along with the UMC this project aims to be a gamechanger to change vascular surgery practice by introducing MRI-based clinical decision making and endovascular therapy. The project will change the practice by:

  1. Study AA progression by advanced MRI techniques: recognizing new biomarkers that indicate growth rate or rupture
  2. 3D Pre-operative planning of endografts for AA repair on MRI
  3. Practice in in-vitro setup endograft deployment on hybrid MR room and development of MR proof work catheters and enhancing better visualization of endografts
  4. Postoperative follow-up by advanced MRI techniques: recognizing new biomarkers that indicate complications.
  5. Develop innovative software modules relying on AI and smart hardware for supporting 1-4.
  6. Evaluating new work methods MRI guided endovascular therapy at vascular surgeons.

IMAGINE (BMBF)- Markers and instruments for MPI/MRI

IMAGINE is the project Acronym for a project within the German-Turkish collaboration between BMBF and TUBITAK (2+ 2 project).  IMAGINE will allow Nano4Imaging to extend its MagnaFy technology to Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI). The project is a collaboration with German partner UKSH (University Hospital in Lubeck) and two Turkish Partners, Aselsan and Bilkent University. The project has officially started on October 1st 2017


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