Our products enable visibility and safety in MRI

Our products are intended to make the next step in MRI guided diagnostics .  We make MRI conditional devices and our markers create conspicuity in MRI.

Our guide wires are MR conditional and are completely safe to use in 1.5. and 3 Tesla MRI systems. The MRWire has been tested according to ASTM F2182, F2052, F2053 and F2213 standards. Discrete markers in the tip create MR image artefacts tested by ASTM F2119. We offer both straight tip and angled tip guide wires. The straight tip has 3 markers on the tip, the angled tip has two markers.

Mark your products with our marker technology. Why inject high doses of contrast agent into the patient, when making the device visible is a better solution? MRI provides the background contrast, while our markers enable your device visibility. Discrete markers  create MR image artefacts (tested by ASTM F2119) and enable navigation and positioning.


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