Guide wires dedicated for MRI

The MRWire is an MRI conditional guide wire which is safe to use in 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla for real-time interventions according to ASTM F2182, F2052, F2053 and F2213 standards. The wire has discrete MRI markers and the entire  wire is radiopaque (ASTM F640-79). In addition its construction with a double internal winding and the entire body and tip are packed into one sleeve to prevent detachment of tip and breaking of the internal  core. The MRWire has CE mark, FDA 510 K approval and registered by Health Canada








Tip shape Straight or angled
Tip properties Soft tip
Tip materials Pebax®
Core-shaft-tip One body preventing breaking and release of fibers
Material Fibre-reinforced composite
Outer Sleeve Pebax® with 40 % BaSO4
MRI visibility Straight tip– passive markers at discrete positions 0,2,4, and 8 cm from tip
angled tip – passive markers at discrete positions 2,4, 6 and 10 cm from tip
Marker technology SPIONS embedded
Technical properties MR conditional
Diameter 0.89 mm (0.035 inch)
Length 180 cm
Physical properties The MRWire shaft has an average Young’s modulus of 4510 to 5100 MPa
The MRWire tip has an average Young’s modulus of 124 to 160 Mpa

Applicable product standard: sterile, single-use intravascular introducers, dilators and guidewires (ISO/DIS 11070:2013). The product is not certified or availble in the USA.

Video below: MR image (1.5 tesla, GRE) showing discrete markers in the tip and distal from the tip create MRI image artefacts tested by ASTM F2119. The image above shows the artifacts evenly distributed over a guide wire inserted in the right renal artery, followed by ballon dilatation, pull-back of catheter and stenting (large artifact). For more details see Kos et al (2009)


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