Just as we put markers in our own products (MRWire) we can put our markers also on other medical devices. Our MagnaFy markers create optimal visibility and enable navigation in multiple imaging systems.


MagnaFy ™ is specially designed, proprietary technology which is patented by Nano4Imaging. By use of specially designed contrast media (often metal nanoparticles) in specific carriers and coatings we are able to modify most existing medical devices such as biopsy needles, catheters and guide wires with small markers.

MagnaFy-MRI is a coating allowing MRI visibility

MagnaFy-CT is a coating allowing CT and X-ray visibility

MagnaFy- Hybrid is a customized coating for MRI-CT or CT-Ultrasound

Full customization to the medical application of your product can be achieved. Marker application during manufacture can be supported by different techniques (e.g. printing) and different business models. Click on the video-link below to learn how the MRI markers help to manoeuvre a guide wire tip in a phantom. The size and shape of the artifacts are not changed by different directions in the magnetic field. 

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