MagnaFy is our  general technology  to enable the use of non-metallic medical instruments in MRI, CT and ultrasound in diagnosis and intervention. MagnaFy-MRI is a specially designed technology to facilitate the use of medical devices in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). By use of specially designed contrast media  in specific carriers and coatings we are able to modify most existing medical devices such as biopsy needles, catheters and guide wires with small markers that become visual in MRI.

Our MagnaFy-MRI markers are safe, fully biocompatible and  offer a number of advantages:

  • No release of contrast media in the body
  • Only thin extra layer ( 10- 20 microns) on the device
  • Adhesion to most materials (PEEK, Pebax, PU)
  • Markers create visibility and ease of manipulation
  • Markers can have different sizes, shapes and concentrations 
  • Marker profiles can be used as a unique barcode for software recognition
  • Offline or inline application by dispensing or printing

We have applied or inserted markers onto guide wires, biopsy needles, diagnostic catheters, flow catheters and radiotherapy tools


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