Tango for N4I and PFM in Sevilla

After Athens in 2018, this year symposium of pediatric cardiology is taking place in Sevilla (Spain) the capital of Flamengo and pediatric CMR (at least this year). In 2018 we met with pfm medical in Athens, and now we are proud to announce that pfm has become our exclusive distributor of the EmeryGlide in Europe and Middle-East. Nano4Imaging and pfm are now co-organizing a lunch symposium entitled “Expert guidance for MRI procedures in pediatric cardiology. The symposium will enable new users to get guidance from experts in starting up MRI guidance and we hope to build bridges between existing and new clinical users. In this respect we are proud that the team from Dallas Children’s is coming over to the workshop to present a brief history and perspective of MRI guidance (Gerhard Greil), show the most recent advances in single ventricle patients (Suren Reddy) and share some taped cases from the last couple of months (Tarique Hussain and Suren Reddy). Finally we will show the outcomes of our world-wide survey on interventional MRI that was completed by 182 labs all over the world. It will show all participants a survey based vision of where this field is going to. Let’s flame-and-go to Sevilla and hope to see you all at FIBES- Palacia de Congresos, May 17th… Ole.

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