Right renal artery-dilatation and stenting in MRI

MR image (1.5 tesla, GRE) showing discrete markers in the tip and distal from the tip create MRI image artefacts tested by ASTM F2119. The image above shows the artifacts evenly distributed over a guide wire inserted in the right renal artery, followed by balloon dilatation, pull-back of catheter and stenting (large artefact).

right renal artery dilatation

Tip length:
40 mm (1 37/64 inch)

One body

Fibre-reinforced  composite

Outer sleeve:

MRI and X-ray visibility:
Straight tip – Passive markers at discrete positions 0,2 and 4 cm from tip
Angled tip – Passive markers at discrete positions 0, 2 and 4 cm from tip

Marker technology:
MR conditional

Technical properties:
One body

0.89 mm (0.035 inch)

180 cm (adjustable on demand)

CMI Contract Medical International GmbH, Dresden (Germany)

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