The upside of lockdown

2020 was a year when many things changed in the world and of course also to Nano4Imaging. We started the year with high hopes of successfully launching the EmeryGlide in the USA. However, the pandemic turned everything upside down. Just before that there was the first live case with interventional MRI at SCMR-Orlando out of Dallas Children’s/UTSW, and at the end of the year a 3-years shelf life extension. After the massive global lockdown we were able to secure our financial stability and at the same time have been able to brainstorm a new way forward or a new company role in interventional MRI.

Since many clinical teams had to interrupt their routine and had time to discuss and think about the future and new applications of interventional MRI, we had the opportunity to brainstorm during Zoom, Teams and all the other program-sessions about needs and opportunities. Both existing and new clinical relationships contributed in developing a vision how standard clinical interventions in adults such as angioplasty, aneurysm repair and EVAR could be be enabled in MRI. Meanwhile several project applications with new and renowned partners such as AMC Amsterdam, RUMC Nijmegen, CHIV Lausanne and UKSK in Kiel.

We also realize that many of you have been directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19 and would like to share our thoughts and feelings in this period which has been and is still challenging us on a global level. Wish you relaxing Xmas days with your beloved and hoping to “see” you soon in 2021,

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