Geneva AEPC eye openers


For many of us the AEPC 2022 meeting in Geneva was the first physical conference in 2.5 years. Apart from a warm handshake with many customers and distributors, there were some eye openers. First of all, there was the understanding that most pediatric cardiologist see MRI as the best method to monitor the condition of single ventricle patients, such as Fontan. The approach as taken by Dallas Children’s to use invasive pressure measurement and flow in MRI was advocated by dr Greil and well received. For more information read Clinical studies.

The next take home message was given by prof. Gewillig (Leuven, BE) during his Hausman lecture. In the next two years the number of medical devices available to pediatric cardiology in Europe will reduce by more then 30 % due to renewal of CE mark which is due for all devices over the next years. The costs, waiting time and market size will have impact on companies decision to continue with their instruments in Europe.