Both at EuroCMR in Florence (May 13th) and on June 2nd in Rome (Italy) at the European pediatric cardiology society (AEPC) there were memorial symposia to remember the efforts and inspiration of dr Sohrab Fratz in the field of congenital heart diseases. Dr Fratz shared and co-developed Nano4Imaging’s vision that cathlab procedures can be transferred to the MRI suite, in an effort to improve quality of the procedure at the same reducing radiation for both patient and doctor. The first data on measuring invasive blood pressure using of the MRWire in patients were presented at the  AEPC symposium by Kristina Belker from the German Heart Institute Munich.

At the same symposium dr Aphrodite Tzifa (First in man congenital heart disease MRI guided intervention, Circulation, 2010) praised the efforts of Nano4Imaging to bring a guidewire to the market.