Markers to create MR-visible devices

Nanotechnology in our customized markers is the optimal way to reach multimodal visibility though complex nanoparticles, and integrating into medical devices makes devices visible and steerable in MRI and CT. Our USP’s:

  • Marker composition with multiple nanoparticles or nanoparticle alloys: allowing visibility in multiple imaging modalities (MRI, CT)
  • Nanoparticle surface modification to allow embedding in protic and aprotic carriers to customize adhesion onto many conventional materials as wide as PFTE, PEEK, PE or PEBAX.
  • Marker integration: integration of our marker determines visibility, traceability and compatibility
  • Unique patterns for rapid tracking
  • Visible and adaptable to any field strength from 0.55 to 3 Tesla.
EmeryGlide markers at different MRI strength