FDA special 510K achieved

With a new energy boost we are now starting to prepare our participation at CMR in Barcelona (Jan 2018). FDA has approved the special 510K for our second generation MR compatible guide wire, and we are awaiting CE approval also soon.  Next year you will see us at Barcelona CMR [...]

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Next step in CMR guided cardiac procedures

On september 6th a paper was published by Ratnayka et al in JCMR in which CMR fluoroscopy guided right heart catheterization was shown to be feasible and safein 39 pediatric (12.7 ± 4.7 years) subjects. The group included subjects with previous metallic implants, those requiring continuous vasopressor medication infusions, and [...]

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Animal testing at Johns Hopkins

To prepare for the USA market, Nano4Imaging has conducted studies in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (MA), being the leading hospital in the USA for the past 20 years. Our new guide wires are currently being investigated for visibility, steerability and reaching different targets in the central circulation. The [...]

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MRWire receives CE

On October 31st 2014 our MRI compatible guide wire received the certificate from DEKRA (number 2017847DE06) under Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical devices, Annex II. Straight soft tip, 180 cm and 0.035 inch.

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The upside of lockdown

2020 was a year when many things changed in the world and also Nano4Imaging. We started the year with high hopes of successfully launching EmeryGlide in the USA. However, the pandemic turned everything upside down.  Nevertheless,  we had a first live case by Dallas Children's/UTSW during of interventional MRI at [...]

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